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Creating a different type of TV Experience – opportunities for Creative Industries” (PDF version) presentation at the “The Future of Interactive Multimedia” Seminar at De Montfort University and also at the Leicester Creative Business Depot Leicester, UK for the East Midlands NTI Knowledge Exchange for Creative Industries 7 December 2005

TV and Leisure – from mass media to mass personalisation”, – presentation given as part of the sixth digiplay seminar Moving Forwards in Digital Leisure Research” at Sheffield Hallam University, UK 14 September 2005

Présentations to  Associação Brasileira de Educação a Distância, (ABED) Porto Alegre, Brazil  1 October 2003:-

Reaching the Masses – developments towards new Learning opportunities through Personalised TV– Keynote

Making e-learning Mobile – an overview of developments in m-learning – ABED – Workshop Session One

From Broadcast to Personalised TV – through emerging interactive digital TV solutions – ABED Workshop Session Two

From Broadcast to Personalised TV – through emerging interactive digital TV solutions ABED Workshop Session Three

The Emerging and Potential Developments of Interactive and Personalised TV for Learning in the Home Presentation given at the “Interactive TV & Online Learning” Conference Café Royal, London 5-6 December 2000

European Education Market Trends in ICT  – presentation given at an internal Cisco training seminar 5 October 2000 in Barcelona, Spain.

“Traditional Educational Broadcasting is dying – new opportunities for learning content providers!” A PowerPoint presentation given to the ETMA Conference 2000 Learning, Teaching & Technology 16-20 April 2000, Bournemouth, UK

Development of Interactive TV and Internet-based Learning Services to the Home and its impact on Traditional Campus-based Institutions” A PowerPoint presentation given to the INSTEP 2000, Kosice, Slovak Republic 22-24 March 2000

“Development of interactive TV and Internet-based learning services to the home and its impact on traditional and distance learning institutions” A PowerPoint presentation given to the EDEN Research Workshop, Prague, Czech Republic 16-17 March 2000

Digital TV to Personalised TV A PowerPoint presentation given to MSc in Networked Information Engineering students , Sheffield Hallam University, UK 2 February 2000

Development of Satellite and Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting Systems and Services and Implications for Education and Training The final PowerPoint presentation given to the European Commission, Brussels, Belgium, 20 September 1999

Multimedia in Education: The transition from Primary School to Secondary School Two PowerPoint presentations have been given on this study. The first one was given at the Open Classroom Conference in Crete, Greece 19 September 1997 and the second one was given to the European Parliament STOA Committee in Brussels, Belgium on 4 December 1997.