pjb Associates focuses on innovative ways of doing things, through flexible, creative and lateral thinking that leads onto sustainable smart-living.

With more than 25 years of experience, we have been involved in learning innovations, e-commerce innovations and personalisation innovations.

We are now focusing on:

~ addressing the global need to adapt to more sustainable lifestyles particularly around energy efficiency and renewable energy that will lead to reducing carbon emissions

~ innovative ways of engaging with, and involving local communities in planning applications for new developments

Founded in 1990, our work has involved analysing, monitoring and evaluating developments concerning managerial and technological issues related to current and future developments. This has resulted in successfully managing and completing many projects and reports for the European Parliament, European Commission, UNESCO and other small and large commercial companies and national agencies. we have worked on many research, development, implementation, dissemination projects as well as managing small and medium sized projects simultaneously. This has involved travelling and working in various parts of Europe, USA, Brazil and Central Asia.

More on:-

~~Energy Saving Solutions ~~~ Engaging Communities in planning applications ~~